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We know.

Sometimes, people ask us what we do. The answer is simple.

Strategic changes, contacts between the private and public sectors, dialogue with decision makers, stake holders, and interest groups, complicated legal and economic questions. Demanding legal translation, including government bills and proposed legislation. Which details are crucial, how does one event affect another, how is everything interconnected? What is the next important step, what should be avoided? Whom should we call?

We know.

Our experts

Marcus Henricson

Marcus Henricson is the CEO of Henricson Ab. Previously, he has i.a. worked as Mayor, Head of Local Government, CEO in media, and Special Advisor at the Finnish Ministry of Defence. He has also held multiple positions of trust within companies, public bodies, and employers’ organisations.

Marcus holds an LLM and specialises in strategic and legal advise, to both the private and public sectors. Often, his projects concern the interface between these. His method is factual, resourceful, and forward-looking.

Marcus is also authorised as a translator. For instance, he translates government bills from Finnish to Swedish.


Jan-Erik Enestam

Jan-Erik Enestam is Senior Advisor at Henricson Ab. During a long political career as Member of Parliament, i.a. as Minister of the Interior, Minister of Defence, Minister of the Environment, and Minister for Nordic cooperation and cooperation with the neighbouring regions, Jan-Erik has gained substantial political competence and an extensive network. Further, he has served as Director of the Secretariat of the Nordic council and has held a number of positions of trust on State- and municipal level.

Jan-Erik holds a degree in economics. His specialty is political decision making in Finland and other Nordic States, political communication, Nordic cooperation, as well as strategic issues in the intersection of the public and private sectors. The President of Finland has awarded him the honorary title of Minister.

Harriet Henricson

Harriet Henricson is responsible for the logistics at Henricson Ab, and for this we are very grateful since it means hundreds of important matters flow seamlessly. She ensures security, efficiency and a pleasant atmosphere for us and our clients. This enables all of us to focus on what we do best.

Harriet is a Master of Food Sciences, specialised in nutrition. She is experienced in quality management, self-monitoring, auditing of organic food business, trade, and logistics.

Apart from keeping us in check, Harriet is also active as an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.

Our projects

Not all of our projects are public. Below you can find examples of a few that are:

Nordic Council of Ministers 2021
Strategic inquiry concerning Nordic cooperation in times of crisis

Cocomms Oy Ltd 2019– (ongoing)
Public affairs-consultation complemented by strategic and legal advice, multiple assignments, i.a. for international cooperations with interests in Finland
E.g. public affairs services for BAE Systems in connection with the HX Fighter Program

The Municipalities and Regions of Sweden 2019–2020
Strategic consulting for managers and experts. Exchange of experiences Sweden-Finland

Provincial Government of Åland 2018–2019
Municipal subdivision investigation as prescribed by law for 15 municipalities in Åland as well as legal and strategic advice to the Provincial Government

Association of Finnish Municipalities 2016–2017
Evaluation of the EU- and international policy of the Association of Municipalities

Think Tank Magma 2014–2015
One language or two? – Management models for bilingual municipalities

City of Turku, Town of Pargas, Municipality of Kimitoön, Turku University Hospital, Eschnerska Frilasarettet Foundation 2013–2019
Strategic and legal consultation in addition to representation of interests, i.a. with regard to the restructuring of health and social services

Hospital District of Southwest Finland, Turku University Hospital 2013–2019
Strategic and legal advice: Structural solutions for bilingual service, Solutions in connection with the restructuring of health and social services

Åbo Akademi University, Virum Cooperative 2016
Strategic and legal consultation: Network of cooperation for Swedish-speaking Finnish upper secondary schools

City of Jakobstad, Town of Nykarleby, Municipality of Pedersöre, Municipality of Kronoby, Municipality of Larsmo 2015–2016
Legal and strategic consultation: Collective council for upper secondary schools of the Municipalities in the Jakobstad region

Provincial Government of Åland, Municipality of Finström, Municipality of Geta, Municipality of Sund 2015
Inquiry concerning collaboration among the Municipalities of the Norra Åland sub-region

Kårkulla Joint Municipal Authority 2014–2020
Strategic and legal consultation and representation of interests i.a. with regard to the restructuring of health and social services

Think Tank Magma and Swedish Pensioners’ Association 2014

Golden Age – but not for everyone. Life as a pensioner 2024. A future analysis

City of Lahti 2013–2014
Strategic development of leadership for managers within the City of Lahti. In collaboration with Ramboll Management Consulting

Cathedral Chapter of the Diocese of Borgå 2013–2014
Preliminary investigation: Funds, foundations, and other asset managers with religious affiliations

City of Espoo, Omnia Vocational Institute 2013–2014
Leadership training for managers in the Espoo municipal group

Association of Finnish Municipalities 2013–2014
Strategic study: Model of administration for service in Swedish within the Greater Helsinki metropolitan area

Association of Lutheran churches in Helsinki 2013–2014
Models of organisation and alternatives for collaborative congregational activities

Prizztech Ltd, City of Pori 2013–2014
Business plan, synergies, and establishment of the company Peittoo Recycling Park. In collaboration with Ramboll Management Consulting

Municipality of Kimitoön and Town of Pargas 2013–2014
Merger investigation for Municipality of Kimitoön and Town of Pargas, preliminary investigation

Prime Minister’s Office 2013– (ongoing)
Translation of legislative proposals and other legal documents from Finnish to Swedish


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